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Angels of Light Pt.2 SPRITES


Are Sprites Being Compared to Angels?


Job 38:35

“Can you send forth lightnings that they may go And say to you, ‘Here we are’?

Matthew 24:27

“For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Revelation 8:5

Then the angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it to the earth; and there followed peals of thunder and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

Matthew 28:3

And his appearance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.

2 Samuel 22:13

“From the brightness before Him Coals of fire were kindled.

Ezekiel 1:4

As I looked, behold, a storm wind was coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing forth continually and a bright light around it, and in its midst something like glowing metal in the midst of the fire.

Luke 10:18

And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

Zechariah 9:14

Then the LORD will appear over them, And His arrow will go forth like lightning; And the Lord GOD will blow the trumpet, And will march in the storm winds of the south.


According to Wikipedia, Sprites are scientifically defined as:  “large-scale electrical discharges that occur high above thunderstorm clouds, or cumulonimbus, giving rise to a quite varied range of visual shapes flickering in the night sky. They are triggered by the discharges of positive lightning between an underlying thundercloud and the ground. Sprites appear as luminous reddish-orange flashes. They often occur in clusters above the troposphere at an altitude range of 50–90 km (31–56 mi).
Sporadic visual reports of sprites go back at least to 1886, but they were first photographed on July 6, 1989 by scientists from the University of Minnesota and have subsequently been captured in video recordings many thousands of times.
Sprites are sometimes inaccurately called upper-atmospheric lightning. However, sprites are cold plasma phenomena that lack the hot channel temperatures of tropospheric lightning, so they are more akin to fluorescent tube discharges than to
lightning discharges.”

High in the ionosphere during a thunderstorm a variety of lightening forms.  The odd lightening that forms is high above the thunderstorm itself, and takes on a “jellyfish” shape with red flashes of light that only last for just a few seconds (  These sprites are known for their wide bell-shaped tops and whisps located at the bottom of the sprites that resemble tentacles.  While for decades they have been known about by scientist, where they come from are now being discovered.  It has been determined that sprites occur with plasma irregularities.

High above the earth’s dense lower atmosphere where human activity takes place, there is some scientific magic happening in the ionospheric layer where long-distance radio communication takes place.  Ironically, sprite activity takes place where long-distance communication (radiowaves) takes place!  This is very interesting when we understand that sprites are more commonly referred to resemble angels with wing spans (wide bell-shaped top) and wing spans (tentacle wisps of light at the bottom).  Sprites also occur 3 times higher up than storms period.  They quickly formulate and quickly disappear.  As scientist try to unravel the mystery of exactly what happens to cause the sprites appearance, they have formulated conclusions not only regarding localized plasma irregularities that could spark a sprites actual formation, but, they also hypothesize that meteors my also be responsible for the cause of plasmic sprites, because they begin to burn up as soon as they hit the lower atmosphere, much like a sprites disappearance.  These ideas are still under study, but seem to be related to the occurance and disappearance of sprites.

Let’s examine plasma to get a better understanding of a sprite.  Simply put, plasma is an ionized gas, in which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species, ions and electrons, to coexist” (Brian Kross-Jefferson Lab).  Plasmas are considered by many scientists to be the most common state of matter in the universe.

Even more interesting plasma is the 4th state of matter.  Interestingly enough angels are considered to hold up the 4 corners of the earth!

The bolts that describe sprites are super bolts.  They are said to be high altitude sparks that originate on earth.  This is an interesting fact shared by the documentary, because when satan is described falling to the earth, he is described as falling like lightening.  The documentary corroborates that sprites are a type of lightening that start on earth, and at a very high altitude.   Our earth is electrified with energy.  Cosmic rays, asteroids, solar winds all reach across the universe wreaking havoc on planets, however, due to the earths first line of defense, the atmosphere, we receive protection from pole to pole.
Lightening hammers across the earth, as described by Nova’s documentary, and it reminds me of the myth about Thor, who hammers lightening bolts as his super power.  Thor is a depiction of a demi-god or other cultures might describe Thor as a fallen god.  These fallen gods or lower gods, are historically or religiously associated with fallen angels.  Could the ancient stories of myths have been revealing the evidence of science to us, in story form?  Could the angelic beings of light, be understood through scientific terms, but be corporeal as well?  They have also been referred to as “giant pillars of light” by the scientific community.

If we are to understand our Bible on a higher level of thinking, then we can understand that Angels are not only just entities that can interact with mankind, having a position of power and authority in Gods kingdom of the universe, but we can also scientifically explain them, and in terms of how they interact with the environment.  I believe that what we are discovering about the universe, about our world, and about energy is taught in the Bible, hidden in plain sight.  This verifies the Bible as mysterious and phenomenal book that can actually explain science to us when we peel back the layers of elementary school knowledge in the bible and move on to more graduate level understanding that is packed in the Holy Scriptures.

Videos of Sprites (Documentaries)

Sprites are an interesting factor in science, especially that they chose to call it sprites, when the word sprite is traditionally defined as an “elf or fairy”.  If we examine the word sprite, we can see the similarity this word has to spirit.  After I realized this similarity, I googled the word sprite and ironically right next to the defined word sprite, was Spirit!  Clearly this commonality is a reality.


Sprite / Spirit

The spirit is merely the light body, which is packed full of intelligence and power might I add.  If we are examining what sprites are in scientific terms, then we can actually see the possibility of them being associated as “angels of light”, which are also couriers of light.  In Part 1 of this article (“Angles of Light), I discussed the words angel, archangel, and angle to get an understanding of how these words relate to each other, and whether we were now understanding angels more scientific with the play of words.  In that article we examined these words and we uncovered the composites of these words.  Let’s take a look at the words again to assist us in understanding what sprites may be a reference to when its all said and done.

Ang means to bend, the word El is a shining light.  El is biblically, historically, and culturally a term that refers to angels.  Arc is also means bending or arching, and we can quickly deduce that Archangel is the same word Arc-angle.  When we combine the words Ang and El, we get the word Angel, thus we get the meaning “bending of light.”  Angle means to bend and is defined as the “space between intersecting lines” (Jennie Elaine).  In the Bible God referred to angels as messengers/ministers of light, thereby, we see another clue to the angel/angle being a carrier or courier of light, thus being a messenger of light.  Let’s consider that we know God is Light.  With these clues and this knowledge, we can conclude that angels are angles of light, they are messengers of light because they are messengers of God, and they are the reflection of light with regard to the bending of light (arc) within the space between intersecting lines.

When you strip it all away, or scientifically deduce the complexity and magnificence of this, the core of all creation is El-Light, or the electromagnetic wave.  Where in Free space (angle) half the energy is in the electric field, and the other half of the energy is in the magnetic field (Reynolds, 2014).  This is where we get into the duality, the ying and the yang, the masculine (electric/father) and the feminine (magnetic/mother).  Electromagnetism is the ultimate duality that we find in all of nature.  And at the mirroring at a 90 degree angle is the courier of the electrogmagnetic wave (Reynolds, 2014)!

Again, we are understanding that science is now able to identify the spirit realm without seeing behind the veil of this scientific reality.  What do I mean?  Science or Physics can reveal this knowledge on a most basic (scientifically deduced or reduced) level of the spirit world, or the world that some consider DMT.  However, they can not see behind the veil of this spirit world with science alone.  God has allowed us to know him in a basic and even scientific level, but to know Him personally, relationally, and more as He is on a higher plane, we must adhere to the Word of God, and seek to know Him.  Science is a deductive revelation of greater things, and it has become a stumbling block for many, whereas others, have been able to transmit the information into a revelation of a Great and Magnificent God/Creator, whom they desire to know.

In the end we can conclude that Sprites are more than meets the eye, and more than meets the magnified scientific eye.  Because sprites are traditionally known as elves and fairies, and we see that the words sprite and spirit are closely related, as well as, understanding that they are large-scale electrical discharges of light high above thunderstorms, flashes of lightening, we can conclude that the scientific community is also telling us sprites are associated with angels.


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