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A Kingdom of Law


The Kingdom is so vast in realities, in construction, in concepts, and in the immutable laws (etc.) designed to ensure its existence, even unto everlasting elements of “the Kingdom”.  I could start with fancy things regarding realities and aspects of the Kingdom, such as Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio, Pi, or universal laws, angels, supernatural realms, ancient mysticism, and so on; but I will start with what I believe sets a diverse, common, and orderly thought and/or thought processes, of the Kingdom, and Kingdom concepts that are associated.

What I want to begin with in the study of the Kingdom is what I would value as the foundational building blocks for beginning to understand the magnitude and multifaceted constructs and existences, of what can be classified as ONE KINGDOM.

The ability to even define this into One Kingdom is a true reward for the person who discovers it and treasures it.

The One Kingdom is kind of like the point of SINGULARITY.  Where even as there is a moment in time where there is a significant point of time and action where the Big Bang takes place, imploding and exploding the vastness of the universe, as we know it thus far, and releasing nothing but potential…including the potential and reality of Duality, we have the point of “the” beginning, and what is encompassed within the one thing, or the singularity!  We can even include antimatter and matter (scientific evidence of a type of “duality”).  This is where we get to the basest singular point in time where everything happened; starting the process of further manifestations.  Like a ripple in the water so is the beginning of something and its unfolding, and the ripples are evidence of its existence and even furthest reaches.  The Kingdom is immutable to the point where any person’s inability to recognize it, or awareness of its existence doesn’t impede its existence or stop the realities of it; but instead it continues to be present regardless of whether we know and believe its there.

Light cascades across vastnesses of time, and so even does the Kingdom cascade across the vastness of all.

The Kingdom cannot be limited to just someones common understanding of fairy tale Kingdoms, with castles, Kings & Queens, princes & princesses, colonies & territories, armies & wise nobles, prophets & wizards, laws & governing rules, magic & witchcraft; but it is beyond these things, because these are the childlike understandings of a Kingdom and not merely all there is to the One Kingdom I am referring to, here since the beginning…

As we start our study of the Kingdom, I have chosen to start with Law as our base point, our singular point, and our point of foundation building, in an effort to establish our understanding of Kingdom from a simple & base level of understanding to a more complex level, and levels that extend into the supernatural elements of “The Kingdom or “The Kingdom of God”.

In order to provide the most logical and reasonable concepts of Kingdom, I have to study teachers and materials that support the concepts of the Kingdom, because it is scattered abroad.  In the vastness of our world, and the vastness of knowledge, it is much like a farmer scattering seed across a field, and this understanding and revelation of the Kingdom is like seed scattered across vast & innumerable fields to harvest what has been planted in the earth.  And what has been planted in the heavens and the earth, as I have discovered for myself in a very experiential manner, is the knowledge of the Kingdom, and for a time when we need to know who we are and how the Kingdom is relative to us both individually & collectively.

Below is a video for you to enjoy learning about this Foundation of Law for your journey into Discovering & Rediscovering the Kingdom.  I have also shared the outline for “What is Law” for your study, review, and sharing.

Dr. Myles Munroe WHAT IS LAW Video Teaching



Why Keep the Law?

  • Do we pay taxes and customs duties to become citizens?
  • Do we stop at red lights to become citizens?
  • Do we not steal to become citizens?
  • Do we not murder to become citizens?
  • Do we keep law to become citizens?
  • Law is not a ritual




You don’t use law or keep law to become a citizen of a country.

Abiding by the law, does not MAKE you a citizen.  We need to first establish this distinction.

The beginning of this distinction is understanding the difference between Ritual Law and Divine Law.

People are afraid of law, because we have been taught that law is bondage in the church.  However, law is designed to protect us.  We keep the law to stay protected.  To put it quite simply, we stop at a red light and obey this traffic law to protect ourselves from danger.

The Fear of Law

  • The subject of Law is a source of fear and discomfort for many
  • The subject of Law is a source of contradiction for many.
  • The subject of the law is a source of paranoia
  • The subject of Law is a paradox for many
  • WHY? The fear of “legalism”
  • What is legalism?

3 Different Types of Laws that Humans Should Live By:  (1 is not permanent)

  1. Divine Law
  2. Civil Law (?)
  3. Ritual Law (1 is not permanent)

Civil Law & Ritual Law

Civil – is a citizen living together civilized and in order.  Civil Law is not the same as Ritual Law.

(distinctions must be made, especially if we are to understand the difference between relevant/permanent and not permanent.

Uncivilized – is wild without control, no self control, no boundaries, acting uncivilized or out of control

What controls you? LAW

Laws are set so we can all be civil.  Law actually does bring control, and it is designed to be for your benefit.

Grace has become a license for uncivilized behavior.  Grace being used to sin, and be without boundaries.  Acting uncivilized

Civil law is not rituals




  1. Creations was designed to function by LAWS that keep ORDER(not rituals)-[ex: law of gravity-if you try to resist gravity, it still is a set law in creation]
    1. Laws are designed to cook for you or cook you. It is your choice. [ex: laws of fire]
  2. Wherever there is DISORDER there is absence or violation of LAW
  3. DISRODER always precedes DESTRUCTION
  4. The key to ORDER is LAW—–Bible scripture about a boy being smarter than his teachers because he knows and understands law
  5. The key to Success in life is SUBMISSION and OBEDIENCE to LAW.
    1. When you obey God things start working immediately — when you plant a seed in the ground it doesn’t grow right away, but something starts working until one day, when you see a plant push through the soil, evidence of the work and evidence in the growth of it.



Dr. Myles Munroe WHAT IS LAW Video Teaching